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Breakfast in Florence’s Dome and much more

Menu Breakfast in Florence’s Dome and much more

As for the Theatre, we are nourished by art and passion, our menu exist to light a spark and “ignite” the souls of our guests. Each product it’s the result of a careful gastronomic research, a fil rogue that link our fragrant croissant to the savory crepê, crossing the tasty caesar salad. A Symphony that develops itself in an harmonious way, from the time you swipe through the pages of the menu, relishing unique delicacies to the palate, to the first (and last) bite, letting yourself be pervaded by an explosion of feelings that echoes the numerous journeys, experiences and influences from all around the world and that resonate in our proposal. 

Caffè del Teatro offers a wide food selection, with vegetarian, vegan and Gluten Free options, capable to meet the differents diet regimes and needs. A sweet sweet hug to accompany you from morning to evening, with delicious brioches and dishes for your lunch break.

Treat yourself to a breakfast in Florence’s Dome, a lunch with your partner and family or a chic aperitif with your friends, thanks to a selection of flavours that speak to your soul. And if you want to give yourself a coffee break, let yourself be enveloped by the extraordinary and rich flavour of our coffee, first choice blends from a Tuscan reality that import coffee varieties from around the world are ready to satisfy your itinerary between coffee for an intense and aromatic experience. At Caffè del Teatro your journey inside taste begins! 

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The menu of CAFFÈ del TEATRO

Art and passion for Theater team up with careful gastronomic research, the ideal solution to suit all appetites. Navigate through the pages of our menu, browse the selection of delicacies ready to stimulate and captivate all five senses, from the international echoes of the breakfast to the glamorous aperitifs, with many vegetarian, vegan and Gluten Free options. A unique experience of suggestions you need to try once in a lifetime.

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